Book copyediting: Teaching Contract Bridge to Children

by Lyn and Malcolm Carter

Project date: December 2018

Project tasks: Manuscript copyediting and formatting

This book of around 47,000 words targets Bridge players who want to teach the game to children. Although I love card games, I have never learned to play Contract Bridge, so it was both fun and educational to copyedit this book and learn more about this fascinating and complicated game. The book includes a comprehensive glossary of Bridge vocabulary.

My copyedits included:

  • suggestions for additions and minor changes to the glossary to improve its usability
  • correcting grammar, spelling and typographical errors or noting possible errors if unsure
  • formatting edits, such as adding/removing italics or bold text and adding an extra subheading level
  • flagging any inconsistencies in text and formatting
  • flagging issues relating to copyright.

As for all book copyediting projects, I also created an editorial style sheet to record language, style and formatting preferences, specialised terminology, and spelling of specific names, words and phrases.

The authors of the book, Lyn and Malcolm Carter, are retired teachers of mathematics (Lyn) and science (Malcolm) and champion Bridge players. Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, they travelled the world imparting their love of the game to passengers on special Bridge cruises.

Teaching Contract Bridge to Children is available to purchase from Boolarong Press.

Hear from the co-author of Teaching Contract Bridge to Children

Charlotte is an excellent and meticulous editor of all types of documents, having supported me by editing many academic papers and educational books. I am constantly surprised by the corrections she finds in what I thought were error-free drafts. She also makes very helpful suggestions for improving the drafts – ranging from formatting enhancements to seeking permissions for citing the work of others. When I hand her a draft document for editing, Charlotte gives me an estimated completion date and has never let me down by missing a deadline. Charlotte’s involvement behind the scenes always makes my work look better!

Dr Lyn Carter

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