Book editing: Hooking Students into Learning … in all curriculum areas

by Patricia Hipwell

Project dates: Completed in stages during 2017 and 2018

Project tasks: Structural editing, copyediting, manuscript formatting

This large book editing project (more than 450 pages and around 100,000 words) involved structural editing, copyediting and manuscript formatting.

First, I edited and formatted the book in Word. I provided ideas and suggestions to the author, Pat, about structure and content while also copyediting the existing material. I then helped Pat draft some of the additional content.

Next, Pat organised typesetting, then returned the PDF document to me for further copyediting, which I completed by marking up a printed copy. After these edits were taken in by the typesetter, another editor proofread the book (as I was travelling overseas and not available). It is often a good idea to have a fresh pair of eyes for the final proofread.

Overall, my feedback and edits included:

  • suggestions for moving or reordering content and writing new material to create a more balanced book
  • suggestions for changes to some of the activity titles
  • highlighting referencing and copyright omissions or queries
  • correcting errors and inconsistencies or suggesting improvements in formatting (e.g. font sizes and styles, numbering, tables and illustrations)
  • correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation errors and typos.

As for all book editing projects, I also created an editorial style sheet to ensure consistency of language and style.

To celebrate the completion of this mammoth book, Pat hosted a fabulous book launch at historic Hanworth House, Brisbane, in November 2018.

Hear from the author of Hooking Students into Learning

Charlotte is an excellent editor who has worked on a number of books for logonliteracy. She is efficient and extremely thorough. As well as attending to the technical aspects of writing, Charlotte has provided invaluable advice and guidance about the content of the books. I found this to be of particular help for my most recent book, Hooking Students into Learning … in all curriculum areas, because Charlotte’s suggestions about the way in which the book could be organised have contributed to a much better book. I strongly recommend Charlotte for the high quality of editing that she provides.

Patricia Hipwell