Manuscript editing

The magic touch your manuscript needs

It’s every independent author’s dream to have their book published. But in today’s competitive publishing market, only the most polished manuscripts make the cut.

As your manuscript editor, I help maximise your chances of success by ensuring your story is tight, compelling and error-free – all while maintaining your unique narrative style and voice. I also ensure your manuscript is formatted correctly for submission to your publisher(s) of choice.

Together, let’s take your book from a work in progress to a work in print.

My manuscript editing services

I offer the following manuscript editing services to help you achieve your publishing goals. You can pick and choose the services that suit your project – or take advantage of my manuscript editing packages, which provide maximum value for money.

Copyediting is my specialty area. If your manuscript needs major structural changes, I can refer you to a substantive editor who can help you develop your story.

Prices are a guide only and apply to standard-length books (60,000–100,000 words). I’ll need to see a copy of your manuscript to provide a fixed-price quote.


Manuscript appraisal

A cost-effective way to receive honest and constructive feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, including characters, plot, setting, themes, dialogue, point of view and more.

I provide manuscript appraisals for several genres of fiction, as well as nonfiction works.

Cost: from AU$0.01 (1 cent) per word


Line-by-line editing to improve language, correct errors, tidy formatting and ensure consistency.

This is where I use my ‘eye for detail’ to polish your manuscript to publication standard.

Cost: from AU$0.035 (3.5 cents) per word


The final step of the editing process to check for small errors that may have been missed in previous edits or introduced during typesetting.

Proofreading occurs after your book has been formatted in Microsoft Word or another program such as Adobe InDesign.

Cost: from AU$0.02 (2 cents) per word

Manuscript editing packages

Planning to self-publish?

I’m proudly affiliated with Brisbane Self Publishing Service. As well as helping with manuscript editing, I can connect you with experts who will guide you through the remaining steps of the publishing process. This includes book design and printing.

What my manuscript editing clients say

I cannot thank you enough for your thorough feedback and advice. Your notes were invaluable to me in shaping the story into its best self. With your insights, I felt like a sculptor removing excess to reveal the statue inside the stone, as the saying goes.

Once More, Novel 1 in the Sayen Falls series

Rebecca J. Berry

Independent author

Charlotte was a delight to work with. She was very respectful of my words and professional in her approach. I really appreciated her responsiveness and helpful suggestions. Charlotte’s diligence, patience and thoughtful feedback have added great value to my book, Accidental Writer.

Sue Wighton


Need a fresh set of eyes for your manuscript?

Contact me for a no-obligation quote. It would be a pleasure to read your story and help you pursue your publication dreams.

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