Self-publishing: Your Kitchen Olympics

A self-published book by Frances Cahill

Project date: June 2021

Project tasks: Manuscript copyediting and formatting

Self-publishing a book can be daunting, but it’s much less so when you engage professionals to help you every step of the way. And that’s exactly what Frances Cahill did for Your Kitchen Olympics … and other remarkable athletic feats.

Frances is a Brisbane-based public speaking coach and ‘fear disruptor’ who self-published this hilarious little book through Brisbane Self Publishing Service. And I was delighted to be her copyeditor along for the ride.

Let’s have a quick look at what’s involved in self-publishing.

Self-publishing stages

Self-publishing a book involves five major stages. First, the editing stage is where you work with an editor (like me) to make the content of your book the best it can be.

Second, the typesetting stage involves a professional designer formatting the internal pages using design software like Adobe InDesign. This creates an attractive layout using fonts, graphics and other book design elements.

While those first two tasks are underway, you can complete the third stage, classifying. This is where you buy an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and barcode for your book. In Australia, Thorpe-Bowker Identifier Services provides these. Another administrative task in this stage is to create a prepublication record with the National Library of Australia.

The next stage is cover design, where a graphic designer creates a cover for your book that will help to attract your ideal readers. Think of the book cover as the marketing package for your book. It includes the front cover, spine and back cover with blurb. (And don’t you just love the eye-catching front cover of Your Kitchen Olympics?)

Finally, the proofreading stage involves a qualified editor or proofreader meticulously checking your final book proofs. They will check for any lingering spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, as well as typos and formatting problems. I strongly recommend not skipping this step if you want a high-quality book.

Now, back to the project at hand. Not all editing and self-publishing projects are created equal; this one fell on the fun side of the ledger for sure. Your Kitchen Olympics … and other remarkable athletic feats is available through Amazon. You might like to check it out and giggle your way through it as I did.

Ready to self-publish?

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