Copyediting and proofreading: How to write what you want to say … books

Various books by Lyn Carter, Malcolm Carter, Patricia Hipwell and Georgina Barton (see covers below)

Project dates: January, April and June 2016; June/July 2017

Project tasks: Copyediting, proofreading

This series of books, each around 50–70 pages in A5 size, provides writing guidance for students and others who have trouble putting their thoughts into words.

Each book focuses on a different topic or context but is structured in a similar way. For example, the books all include an introduction, definition of key terms, pages on specific forms of writing within each topic (with examples), sentence starters, vocabulary lists, reference material and a glossary.

My copyediting and proofreading tasks included correcting errors and inconsistencies in grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting. For the business book, I also suggested some additional content. Some of the work was completed in Word and some in Adobe PDF or on hard copy.

As for all editing projects, I created an editorial style sheet to record language, style and formatting preferences, specialised terminology, and spelling of specific names, words and phrases.

There are several other books in this series (not edited by me) and all are available to buy through the logonliteracy website.

Hear from the authors of the How to write what you want to say … series

Charlotte is an excellent and meticulous editor of all types of documents, having supported me by editing many academic papers and educational books. I am constantly surprised by the corrections she finds in what I thought were error-free drafts. She also makes very helpful suggestions for improving the drafts. … Charlotte’s involvement behind the scenes always makes my work look better!

Dr Lyn Carter

Count on Numeracy

Charlotte is an excellent editor who has worked on a number of books for logonliteracy. She is efficient and extremely thorough. As well as attending to the technical aspects of writing, Charlotte has provided invaluable advice and guidance about the content of the books. … I strongly recommend Charlotte for the high quality of editing that she provides.

Patricia Hipwell