Essay and anthology editing: Accidental Writer

A collection of essays by Sue Wighton, independent author

Project dates: June/July 2020

Project tasks: Structural editing, copyediting, manuscript formatting

Sue’s collection of humorous essays was a delight to edit. Her sardonic wit had me laughing out loud as I worked through this series of short pieces originally written for a well-known national newspaper.

No matter how good a writer you are (and Sue is terrific), you’re never too good to benefit from having your work edited. An editor looks at the big picture as well as the detail and can impose consistency throughout the manuscript. Consistency is especially important when editing a collection of essays written across several years, as these pieces were.

My editing tasks included:

  • combining multiple files into one Word document and creating a table of contents
  • applying Word styles to headings and bodytext for consistent formatting to assist the typesetter
  • structuring and reorganising the content to improve balance and eliminate repetition
  • copyediting the text with attention to grammar, spelling, typos, punctuation and consistency
  • flagging any ethical or copyright issues
  • creating an editorial style sheet to ensure consistency of language and style
  • inserting footnotes where needed and creating a bibliography
  • editing the back-cover blurb and author bio.

Accidental Writer is available through Sue’s website. And if you love Sue’s writing style, you might like to check out her blog.

Accidental Writer anthology book cover

Hear from the author of Accidental Writer

Charlotte was a delight to work with. She was very respectful of my words and professional in her approach. I really appreciated her responsiveness and helpful suggestions. Charlotte’s diligence, patience and thoughtful feedback have added great value to my book, Accidental Writer.

Sue Wighton